Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ugly dolls

I've got to hurry & get out of here for a meeting tonight at work. Lovely, lovely, lovely meeting before I put in my 10 hours so my night will be a total of 14 hours...yuck! Hope I can get off early or else they WILL be paying me overtime. But...over on Beaded Art Dolls (BAD), we've had two new members. One member was telling us how there were so many beautiful dolls. I had to laugh. I love beautiful & pretty, but seems that I'm torn to the ugly & weird right now. So I pulled up one of my Alphabet Monsters which I'm working on for DC&C 4th of July challenge. This doll is named Albert...one of my first. As my on going project, he is one of my Dumpster Dollz or thrift store "rescues". This is a scan, so he doesn't look that great...squished nose, cut off at the legs. But I wanted the gals over at BAD to see that Ugly is well...not just ugly.

1 comment:

Gypsy said...

Ugly is GREAT!
Love his sparkler.