Sunday, March 2, 2008


I just read on my new friend' blog (HI PAM) that she is suffering from SAD. That happens when you live someplace where the Winters are gray & cold. It has been very cold, very snowy, and very gray here in Central Ohio. I think that is probably why I've found myself not completing anything. I have about 6 unfinished projects down in the Art Cave waiting for me to complete them. Most are done except being mounted & one just needs for me to put all the pieces together. But I just can't make myself do it. I'm really bad at completion. Reminds me of all the years I use to do cross stitch. I would buy a new pattern, the bigger the better. And work like mad on it, blending the colors, adding metallic threads to give it a wow factor, then as I'd get down to the last 100 "x"s I'd slow down & drag the finish. I actually once caught myself crying because I was finishing. Silly me! There was always another pattern I wanted to sew. I guess I'm not being like this with my beading projects. I have deadlines for many of these pieces, but I'll probably let them sit until the very end. So I've decided to shake myself out of this slump & get some of these UFOs off my workbench & completed. Hopefully, I'll get them done in this month of March. Maybe keeping busy will keep my mind from thinking about how awful it is outside. But then Spring is in only 3 more weeks. Let's hope it is Sunny & Bright & WARM!!!!!!

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