Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wishing upon a Star

Next month most of my friends are going to be traveling near and far to spend a wonderful time in Milwaukee at the Bead and Button show.  ME?  Can't go, but so wish I could as I would love to have been able to take the Master Class with Marcia DeCoster.  I think I've probably taken more bead classes with Marcia than anyone else, and since Liz is going to be her assistant there I just KNOW they are going to have a blast.  I don't have the vacation time since I've started my new job, and it is a little late to try to get into the second Master class with Marcia.  So instead of just pouting, I've been doing my own home version of Marcia's Master class using components. 

Early I had shown how using the totally unappreciated Czech seed beads, you could do some marvelous bead weaving.  So I've taken that one step farther.  First off, I've finished my version of Marcia's Pacific Morning Glories using Czech beads for a necklace.  Then I decided to take one of my own bead embroidery components and add it to several of the components from Pacific Morning Glories and another of Marcia's designs from her book Beaded Opulence.  Can I add one more thing?  I can't wait for her new book to come out in August.  It is all about Motion!

Pacific Morning Glories Necklace all completed using Czech Seed Beads

Experimentation using one of my components with three different component designs from Marcia DeCoster's class kit instructions

My component with two of the Pacific Morning Glories pinwhells

Asymmetrical chain using two different design components from Marcia DeCoster

Very clever closure from Marcia's Pacific Morning Glories

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DVArtist said...

These are lovely. Sorry you can't make the class but I think you are doing just fine on your own.