Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stanley class

It has been almost 10 days now since Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay has ended, and I still haven't had a chance to download pictures or unpack the sewing machine.  I always have such a fun time at AFICC and since it is only once every two years, getting to spend time with old friends and making new ones is a highlight of the year.  Cyndy Sieving does such a wonderful job making everyone comfortable and having loads of fun. 

This year I got to spend two days with one of my favorite teachers and friends Ute Vasnia.  Two years ago while taking a class with her up in Akron with Time for Dolls, she showed us Stanley her naughty troll, and we all begged her to come up with a class.  She did.  I jumped for joy.  I signed up for the class.  I got to make my own Stanley.  I got to spend two fabulous days laughing and creating. 

I should warn you though that Stanely should not be pinned to Pinterest. They have a policy about nudity even if it is an art doll.  So Please don't pin any of these pictures as I really don't want to get you into trouble.

Stanley really has some attitude.  I used glass eyes which give him this really ghoulish look.
Ute colors Stanley while Christine watches

Ute suggested that wouldn't it be funny is Stanley was scratching his behind, and I agreed.

Conga line of Stanleys

After two days of extreme fun, we all got to take our own Stanleys home with us

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