Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick view of San Francisco trip

 Can't believe that it is over a week since I've been back from San Francisco where I went with some of my good friends to the conference Beading By the Bay.  It was wonderful experience & I learned so much.  This is just a quick post with a few shots taken while there.  More will be coming later.  Here I am at the entrance of China Town

Thursday morning, we all woke up early to make one more trip into downtown San Francisco.  We got a MUNI pass and rode the trolley to Fisherman's Wharf.  While the others spent time looking for breakfast in places like this, I wandered over to the bread factory.

From the top of Telegraph Hill.  Sharon and I wanted to see Coit Tower, but we only had time to huff and puff up the hill, turn to look at the great views, and head back down to catch the last sight seeing bus back to the BART

Golden Gate Bridge is way off in the distance

Coit Tower.  Next time I promise to make sure I have the time to make it all the way and see the fantastic views.
Looking up while in San Francisco, I loved the tracks of the electric cable cars

A street view in China Town

Waiting for the hotel shuttle at Crowne Plaza to take us to the airport and board the BART.
Buying tickets at the BART.  After the second day, we were such "experts" that we were advising the other tourist on how to "do it".  Like we really knew.
Liz and I saw so many cool hats while in China Town.  We talked about beading them or changing them, but then we actually forgot to buy any.  Boohoo.
We all got so involved in shopping in China Town that we forgot to eat, so we found this restaurant that was on the second floor of a building.  Kind of scary walking up those dark stairs, but the food was worth it. Sharon enjoyed a Thai Ice Tea & I ate Dim Som for the very first time.

And yes...we did bead!  More about that in later post.  Keep tune.


Gutukas said...

Lucky to bead and to see wonderful sights- double pleassure ;D

Karen M said...

I love the pics and your work is really nice. Linking up from the Bead Soup Party.