Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beading by the Bay Classes

Let the Beading begin!   

Our group was considered "the wild girls"by Marcia.  I have no idea why?  Our first class was with Huib.  He taught us a new way to do Cubic Right Angle Weave and used the word MATH withing the very first hour.  His class was very challenging and made most of us really have to think. 
This is about all I got done in the 6 hours...and shall I tell you that after those 6 hours Huib with his infectious laugh told me I "really should take it all out and start again".  Wise Mr. Petersen...wise.
Huib brought a collection on his work for us to drool over.  I feel in love with the bugs he had beaded and indulged in one of his kits.  He also told me he is in the process of talking about a book deal.  Oh joy...can't wait.
Even Cynthia cringed when Huib mentioned MATH!
Our second day was with the stylish Marcia.  She is poising here with Liz and the gorgeous beaded purse Liz gifted Marcia with.

I really enjoyed this class.  This is probably the 6th time I've taken a class with Marcia, and just as the first I enjoyed every moment of this Pacfic Morning Glories.  This class had the most clever attachment without using toggles or loops. 
Our last day was with Sabine.  I've never met her before, but instantly I loved her style and wit.  We laughed and enjoyed the whole day.  Here she is with my beaded Benjamin Bunny at the Dragon Lady                               
Using peyote tubes and a little weaving Pendulum creates sticks in different lengths.   
I changed Marcia's class from the bracelet to a necklace.  I would wear the necklace more than the bracelet which was too bulky for me.

And the best party of this class was that I learned to make a piece that had motion.  The flower portion actually turns.  Marcia's new book coming out this Summer is going to be called Beads in Motion. All I can say is "waiting".

Like Marcia's Pacific Morning Glories, Sabine's Pendulum  piece has motion also.  They each stick swings.  Though a little itchy when first wearing, this necklace really is quite elegant. 


Cornerstoregoddess said...

Phooey! I stopped by to see your Bead Soup reveal.

The bad Liz said...

Does it look like Marcia and I called each other to coordinate our purples??? Loved your blog today (like all) - this was a very special week for me.