Sunday, February 3, 2013

For my Fiona

It has been over a week now since Fiona passed away.  I still miss her every day & find myself listening for her or the other two.  I know that someday we'll have a new puppy to share our lives with us.

I had been working on this necklace while tending to Fiona when she was ill.  Originally, I was going to call this piece Moonglow.  My friend Cyndy up in Michigan sent me some glass she'd made for my jewelry making.   I glued it down onto a piece of blue Nicole's Bead Backing everything popped out.  Then I chose Rose Opal size 8 seed beads I'd gotten from Out on a Whim along with Topaz lined size 11 seed beads.  I did right angle weave cage technique I've taught myself, and then used some of the new Rizo beads from Out on a Whim.  The middle piece made me very happy, so when I decided to take crystals and make individual blooms using the same technique it was a challenge to puzzle all the pieces together to make a necklace.

Fiona Rose Blossom

Here I am wearing my new necklace
I didn't finish the necklace until last weekend.  Fiona had died by then, and I was going through intense mourning for her.  I put the necklace around my neck on Sunday and felt a sense of calm for the first time in days.  I stroked the blossoms of the necklace and could almost hear a sigh.  Then it dawned on me why I felt so comforted.  I don't know if many people know but Fiona's full registered name is Fiona Rose Blossom.  I realized then then that this necklace was for my Fi.  Whenever I see it or wear it, I'll always remember my gentle old girl who was blessed with an old soul out of the most beautiful canine eyes ever.  I'll never sell this necklace just as I'd never sell the one I made when my SkyeBlue died.  Both necklaces were made at a time when my grief was unbearable, but once completed I had a sense of absolute calm. 

Rizo bead from Out on a Whim

Right Angle Weave caging with embellishment

I still have tears for our three Scotties who've died withing the past month.  I made this necklace called Dorothy's Tear to remind me my love for all three.  We have three boxes of ash on our fireplace hearth.  Each morning when I wake up, I crease each box and say good morning to Fiona, to Frodo, and to Arwen.  Sometimes a tear will glide down my cheek, but more often I'll have a smile remembering my three terrier guardians.  I miss them always.

Dorothy's Tear


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels. Your designs certainly do reflect your feelings. I still here my Mya dog in the kitchen with me.
Big hugs

Cody Goodin said...

Such beautiful tributes. It is always interesting to me how we artists use our creative gifts for healing. The best most powerful healing we can give is for ourselves. To your continued healing my friend.

char said...

Beautiful necklaces and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing, although I'm sorry for your loss's.

moonlitfantaseas said...

I am so sorry for the loss of all three of your precious fur babies...Your necklace tribute to Fiona is so beautiful,I can understand the comfort it gives you

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your necklace is just gorgeous and you look beautiful wearing it! If I made jewelry like this I would never be able to get rid of any...I would want to keep it all! Hugs!

Torque Story said...

These are beautiful necklaces and beautiful memories.