Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rainy Day Scotties

I woke up this afternoon with rain showers plowing through the area. Though we had a record amount of rain in May, we really do need this rain. Our tomato plants are thirsty & we certainly do love our tomatoes around here. I was sitting on the couch with my first cup on coffee trying to wake up when another round of storms came crashing through. Something must have triggered in the brains of Arwen and Frodo, as both jumped up from napping and ran to the back door to watch the rain crash down on the patio. I was chuckling as they looked like a canine Laurel and Hardy. Frodo is just barely within his weight range and Arwen is way above her's. There they sat watching the rain and I think at one point there must have been a squirrel (LOOK!) running along the fence tops. Then Arwen comes over to Chris & isn't this the most adorable face you've seen. She sometimes looks so submissive, but in actuality she wants to be alpha dog around here. Trouble is that Fiona is the oldest but doesn't care. Frodo is Fiona's son & doesn't care either. But when Arwen tries to be dominate both jump on I guess she does look sad because she just can't be the boss...but she is!


Carol said...

What a picture!! What a pair!
I miss my happier times with dogs. Some days my grandsons make me wish I only HAD dogs!! But luckily that passes. ~lol~

New End Studio said...

Aww, these are photos to make you smile.

Cindy said...

So happy to come across your blog through Bad Liz's blog... I am a huge Scottie fan myself. We had a Westie but I've always collected Scottie things...picked up a few old Scottie planters for my collection this past weekend. It was really sweet - the white planter came with the name "Elmer" on his tag. :-)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

omg! I sooooooo love your dogs! My scotties are called Jack and Lily, my Westie is alfie and my chihuahua is betty!

I am following you - and the dogs now! lol! love Annie x