Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More pictures from Milwaukee

On Thursday night as I was waiting to get into the big Market place, I walked along the Frontier Airline Building looking at all the displays. The piece from Bead Dreams were out along with a display of Japanese artist. There was one display that just took my breath away. It was Ukrainian bead artist. All these pieces were in glass cases so unfortunately there is some glare. Please enjoy these as much as I did.

I still haven't finished unpacking from Bead and Button. All the beads and kits I purchases are still stowed away in my bag. I'm waiting until later this week when I get the "I had to go back to work blues" and opening these bags of treasure will make me happy.

Speaking of Happy, yesterday was my last day of vacation. I've only been off 10 days, but it seems so much longer. Last night, Chris & I went to see Robert Plant and The Band of Joy. It was here in Columbus at the Palace Theater. It wasn't as nice a venue as two years ago when we saw Robert with Allison Krause, but it was a big plus at not having to drive up to Detroit and stay over night. I enjoyed the new band he was playing with & they played many of the new songs from the album "Band of Joy". But what was amazing was the new renditions of old Led Zepplin songs. They crowd was on their feet during most of the show, but luckily I was sitting in a spot where everyone was sitting through 75% of the show so I had a wonder view. Also being only 28 rows back and in the middle helped. Only bad this was that the feed back was pretty bad with some of the songs and my ears were ringing and the sound was very distorted. But all in all, it was a great show.


Diane said...

I am so envious of you being able to visit bead adn button show and see all the amazing pieces. I am glad that things are getting better with chris.
lots of best wishes, thinking of you

Wilma said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the fabulous bead art, especially for those not able to get there from the other side of the world.

The bad Liz said...

You've always got a place to stay should you drive up here again!! My door is always open.

flyingbeader said...

Thanks everyone. Can you believe I STILL haven't unpacked my bag. There are all kinds of bead & kits in there waiting for me to handle them again.