Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Off to Seattle

I'm sitting here waiting to go to the airport and head out to Seattle for the Puget Sound Bead Festival in Tacoma Washington. I'm going to be staying with my long time friend Cynthia, get to see my granddogger, Fory, and go to the beach over at Ocean Shores. I'll be gone for a week & am I looking forward to it. Pretty tough week here in Columbus. My sister's dogs were attacked by a Pit Bull Saturday night. One of her Chihuahuas has a severe head trauma. Poor little thing is blind in one eye and can only walk in circles. She is getting better, but if the neighbors had their Pit Bull on a leash like they were suppose to, the two little dogs wouldn't have gotten hurt. Columbus Animal Control came out & told the owners that they either had to surrender the dog or place it in a home with containment fencing. They people found another home for their dogs, but still my sister's little old girl is the one damaged by this & oh yes, the people don't have any money to pay the Vet bill...of course! Then my Fiona is sick again. Yesterday when I got home from work, she'd thrown up & is very lethargic just like two weeks ago. She recovered from that with some boiled hamburger and rice diet, but here she is sick again, & I'm going to be gone for a whole week. Chris is going to be very vigilant in watching her progress. I hope she's just eaten something too rich for her older digestion. If not, when I get back, she'll be heading to the Vet.
My Vet is loving me these past couple of weeks. Arwen got her yearlies, Frodo had 15 teeth pulled , and now Fiona possibly sick. But we love them & want to take care of them. Once again, I just hate that I'm leaving with her sick. I promised Chris to have a good time & not worry about Fiona so much.

I thought I'd show you pictures of the classes I'm taking in Tacoma. Can you believe that not one of them is doll or bead related? I'm doing all metal classes. I'll be doing a bracelet, pendent, and a ring. My suitcase is packed with hammers & saws (yikes!) & I sent most of my tools out to Cyn's house already. Okay, I'm going to have a good time...I really really am. See you all in a week.

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