Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to work

I tell you it is always so upsetting the first night back & everyone at work ask you if you are "happy to be back?"...really? Like I really would rather be at work than on vacation doing what I love to do? Must be some sort of sour grapes like thing.

I had a great time in Seattle visiting my friend Cynthia. We went to the Puget Sound Bead Festival which was a total BLAST! I got to take a fabulous class with Janice doing a Steampunk Bracelet. I wasn't sure if I could handle doing the metal work as I have weak hands...but...Janice convinced me that I could do it with proper tools...oh..and I bought proper tools too! I'd use one of her great pliers and needed that one. Then I'd use one of her fabulous hammers and needed that too. I had a big pile of hammer and tools on my desk when Cynthia came into class & asked if I wanted a nice wire cutter...I told her I didn't think so. Then I just glanced at Janice & she gave me a look & a twist of her head...I broke down. How could I NOT with a look like that which said "really? really?". So I came home with enough tools & kits to keep me busy. I also got to take classes with Janice's partner in crime (LOL! yes, Tracy got me too) Tracy. If you want to see some fabulous wire work check out their business which is WiredArt. Wonderful stuff.

That was the good part of my vacation, and don't we always seem to have something bad/wrong happen when we are trying to relax & have a good time. This had to do with my oldest Scottie Fiona. Fiona's been under the weather since last month as she ate either a mole or a rabbit & was sick from that. She recovered, but the day...and I mean hours! before I was to get on the plane to Seattle, she felt bad again. I called Chris every evening to check up on her status & every day there was more & more bad news. Finally on Sunday evening, Chris told me he thought she was blind. BLIND! She was walking into things and had the white cloudy eyes. Monday she was laying on the A/C vent, and Wednesday the night I was to leave on a red eye, she was lethargic. I had Chris make a Vet appointment with Dr. Miller. I left Seattle at 1am PST & got to Columbus at 1pm EST. Withing a couple of hours, I had her at the Vet. She was so sick. She had a fever & actually had a seizure while the Vet Techs were trying to weigh her. She'd lost 4 pounds, had a temperature of 104 & then the worse news, she had a blood sugar of 471. Dr. Miller shook his head and told me she was diabetic & had a raging infection to complicate the matter. I was shocked & had to call Chris when Fiona was taken to the back for further treatment. We both decided that no matter what, I was going to bring her home as we didn't not want her to die someplace without us. Visions of Skye dying 7 years ago made us realize we had to do everything to save our Fifi.

Dr. Miller is a wonderful Vet & he really understands what we were going through. He agreed that I could care for her just as well as if she was hospitalized. I got some very powerful antibiotics for the infections & NPH insulin for the Diabetes. I took her home & we thought for sure she was going to die. She was so weak, and I could no get her to eat. I finally decided that I had to force fed her. Tears were streaming down my checks as I pried open her mouth & forced her to swallow food. We both curled up next to our Fiona to give her love as we didn't really think she'd be with us Friday morning. But Friday morning she was still alive. I gave her the insulin and medication, but still had to force fed her. It was touch and go all weekend. I had to pour my heart out on Facebook & I could not believe all the wonderful people there with me in my grief and my concern. Once again, I have proof that the Internet is a wonderful place to find people who understand and cyber hold my hand.

As of today, Fiona is getting better. She is actually interested in getting out of her bed & investigating the downstairs. She ate a little food and even begged for what was on my dinner plate. She is permanently blind so no longer can I look into her lovely tan colored eyes, but now I know my Fiona is going to live and be with me sharing my life and my heart. Every day will be a challenge for all of us as Frodo & Arwen don't seem to understand that Fiona gets chicken when they get kibble! Oh well, they get some too...yes, everyone here is spoiled.

Picture is of Fiona taken about 4 weeks ago.


Tracey N. said...

Wow sounds like you had a wonderful time working with wire. Its too bad you had to come home to the mess with your beautiful Fiona. I live with a dog with long term health issues and I know how stressful it is, and how you just cling to "one more day" It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job nursing her back to health. She is truly blessed to have such a caring home. I am afraid way to many dogs die alone in their cages or yards with no one even realizing, or caring that they are sick. To people like us, these are our babies. I have seen many blind dogs live perfectly happy lives, especially with companions and in a home where they know the layout well. Just dont plan on rearranging the furniture anytime Hang in there!

abeadlady said...

I know you must have had a good time with Cyn in Tacoma. Had to laugh about the tools. I'm so glad your baby girl is doing better. She is so precious. She's lucky to have you and Chris.

Do Be Do Bead Do said...

I am a long-time reader of your blog, first-time to comment, I think. Shame on me for that. Fiona has to be the sweetest little creature that I've seen in a while. Being a diabetic myself made me cyber-bond with her. All the best for your darling companion (and, for you as well).