Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best of 2010

I was looking around and saw that the whole show catalog is up for viewing on the
Best of 2010:Ohio Designer Craftsman show

Chris & I are both under Mixed Media

One more day to work & then I'm off for 7 days. Five of those, I'll be down in Lexington taking a Tambour beading class with Prof Bob Havens. Can't wait...just have to get through one more day of work. Going to take my BFAC doll with me. I really have to get pictures taken of her tomorrow to post. Also I DO have to remember to take my camera with me this coming week to take pictures of this French beading technique. I was also looking over at another embroidery technique called Brazilian embroidery. I might get hooked on pun intended.


Mary-Frances said...

Sounds fun. I love Brazilian - although I admit to a love/hate relationship with edmar threads. Enjoy!


Your work is awesome! I was just blog hopping from my blog and ran across yours. Not only that, you are about 60 miles away from me! I actually saw the write up on the gallery in the paper. When I belonged to the Off Our Blocks group in Columbus, we showed there too! Small world!

williamsburg beader said...

Have been visiting family in Ohio and went to see the exhibit! I love seeing your work up close and personnal. Or at least as close as I could. LOL! And Mike's "robot" was pretty cool too. Afterward we headed over to Byzantium and lo and behold! here is another sculpture I get to drool over (good thing it's under glass, hunh?). Fun way to past the rainy day.