Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Really weird stuff!

BAD which was the Yahoo Group for Beaded Art Dolls closed last month right before the stuffed animal challenge was to end. I never got a chance to post my monkey that I made for that. Oh & yes, it IS a beaded flying monkey. I guess I was watching Wizard of Oz while working on him. I think the rivoli in the center distracts from the whole piece. I should have used more crystals to give it more sparkle, but I can always do that later. That is the best part of doing beaded dolls...THERE is NEVER TOO MUCH SPARKLE!!!!!

I haven't even started my 2010 BJP. I have no idea why I'm procrastinating so much. I have the "treasures", I have the jars, I have the fabric for the lids, but just can't seem to make myself start. I keep finding more things that are catching my eye. Guess I'm just a big ole Raven! "Oooo, isn't that pretty? Aaaahhh, can I Modge Podge that it make it look nice? Ooooo, can I cut that up & make it into something else?" I think I need to just MAKE myself start on my hidden treasure project & if it doesn't work out, there is always the "rippit" stitch.

Chris is busy making more robots. Here is is latest called "VaVaVaVoom". She's a busty type of robot, don't you think???Here his blog if you'd like to see more: MacRadioBot


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Monkeys are big at my house so naturally I LOVE yours! I have a few chimps sitting on shelves. When my grandkids were small, they would ask about my chimps. I always told them that they used to be my grandsons, but when they were bad I turned them into monkeys. They actually believed it for a while ~lol.

Chris has made another memorable bot. I love his work too!

xx, Carol

The Beaded Life said...

Dot, you are sooo creative with these dolls. Very inspiring to me. I have had a desire to do some 3 dimensional work and have kind of an "alter ego" project brewing in my head. Thank you for visiting my website and giving me feedback, because now I know of you and look forward to getting to know you.

Susan Elliott said...

LOVE that the monkey is a flying are SO cool!!

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