Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rachel's Dream again

So what in the world is this???? It is a picture taken from above to show Rachel's Dream as if you were sitting in the limb of a tree looking down at Mother Earth painting the flowers. Why am I showing this? Well, I have some exciting news. Last night I got an e-mail and a phone call from a reporter from This Week Westerville which is our local community paper. She asked if she could do a feature article about me & my beaded dolls. You know I said yes! So tomorrow afternoon she & a photographer are coming to do an interview with me about Rachel's Dream & my other beaded dolls. We chatted on the phone a bit & when she asked me what was my influence while working on this challenge, I told her about how I'd been interested in Rachel Carson ever since last year when I was working on a Global Warming doll. I gave her a quick little talk about Rachel & how to me she is the Earthen Mother of the Enviromental Protection Movement, and how our world is a much much better place due to Silent Spring.

SO....I had to clean up my studio which was a disaster after this past week of the magazine article & teaching two classes. Dogs were major stink! so they all got baths & of course, my gray was showing...so now a quick color for me. Whew...I'm excited & can't wait to see their expressions when they see all my beaded creations.

On another note...my baby brother closed on his new house today. YEAH! He has to be out of his old house by Saturday at noon. Looks like my SIL won't be cooking a thing this year.

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Dolores said...

How exciting. Congratulations to you on the feature article and also to your brother on his house closing.