Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

Wow, what a very busy weekend I just got over. Started out with my working Friday night at the hospital. And it was one of those nights where you walk away & realize that you really do earn the money they pay you! I worked on one of our Chemistry analyzers for over 3 hours & got it running for day shift. YEAH. Then I took Fiona for her morning constitutional which made that very fuzzy fat dog happy. Got up @ 1 pm to go down to Victor's new house & help paint. It was so much fun painting...NOT! I forgot how much work it takes to use a roller even on a big long white blank wall. My partner was his son Isaac who though a mere 9 years old can out work anyone. Isaac was trimming, rolling the wall, power painting the wall, trimming, rolling...running all the time! The only thing was that he was NOT allowed on the ladder. Emily was in the front room painting & singing. She didn't know we could hear her but we were all in the very empty house & I must say her voice is lovely. Mellissa's Dad was there painting too & I hadn't seen him in ages. Cheryl took the boys down to the park for a bit so we could do some adult painting! Elijah wanted to paint, but we let him entertain us all. Vic wrote me today & said the painting is done! Yeah as I don't think I could hold another paint brush. He is such a wonderful Father. He wanted all the kids to help fix up their new home...kinda like my Dad was with us. We all knew he had to go back & "fix" what we did, but he did let us help. I'm hoping they are in their new house by Thanksgiving. They all deserve this beautiful new house.

Sunday was up & out to Byzantium. I do love teaching there so much. Never thought I'd ever say that, but I do. I had returning students & it wasn't so much like a class as a get together of friends laughing & beading. We did the Palm Prayer Doll class with an emphasis on breast cancer awareness ( I donated a pin for each doll). Had 7 in the class with the 8th person stuck in the Columbus Marathon traffic. I think we all totally forgot about this event when the class was scheduled. I did get to me the missing student & wanted her to go ahead & jump in, but she declined but asked me to do another doll next quarter. Did I say I had a fun time? Oh yes...Caroline, Andrea, Carol, Karen & Pam all had me laughing, and I did a fringe "booboo" in front of them. I tried to pull the "dog sleeping falling off the bottom step & jumping up I meant to do that", but I couldn't get it past them. I'm going to be doing I hope three classes in the Winter at Byzantium. I'm going to work on another bracelet, earrings this time & a pendent. Oh...and a first for me...my November class which is the Deco Diva soft bracelet is FULL! Now, I did something kinda bad....I saw this lovely silver bracelet in the display counter calling my name & decided to just sign my teaching check back over to Roxie. Hey, at least now I can look down & see what I get for having fun & teaching.

Yesterday, Chris wanted to do some photo taking of the Fall colors & boy did we hit a big BINGO! We got up when it was DARK...went over to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast & got to Highbanks (Columbus Metro Parks) just as the Sun was coming up over the hills. We'd had a mild frost and everything was covered with a thin sheet of ice. I think the lack of light made most of his pictures come out a little off, but they are all still inside my head! Here are a few pictures Chris took of Highbanks Park. We are so luck to live here in Columbus Ohio where our Metro Parks are very diverse and plentiful. Our favorite Metro is Highbanks not only because it is 5 miles away, but because it reminds us of the rolling hills of Southern Ohio. The Olentangy River borders the Park & we managed to get down to the banks and follow it through the Park. OMG, I'd never been to some parts of that due to the over growth, but to be down on the banks of that River with the Sun creeping over highlighting the small cascades with silver while the birds all sang and the tinkle of the bright yellow and orange leave were in the background. That is Ohio in it's most lovely dress for Fall.

This week is going to be a tight one too. I'm going to Akron on Saturday to take a class & have so much to do even before I leave. No, I haven't done my homework yet for the class! Naturally. And I really really really need to bath Mz. Fiona-Stink-Dog! She has over active sebaceous glands & is one oily stinky girl. And, I want to bead.....waaaahhhhh...I'm still working on the pinwheels from Beki's class from Tahoe...I want to bead......


abeadlady said...

Great pics, Dot. Wish I could get out more to do that. Sounds like your classes are going well. Been housebound this week with sinus infection. Not fun at all! We have a special teacher at our Bead Society meeting this weekend. It should be fun.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

What glorious trees! And I love your beaded dolls on your banner!