Thursday, September 10, 2009

New blog & Swaps

I started a blog for Chris earlier this Summer, but haven't posted too much on it. Well, today he finished "Dance of the Electrons". He stands a foot tall & is made with vintage radio tube. Please click here to see MacRadioBot blog. He has me wanting to try my hand at doing more mixed media pieces like this.

I'm waiting to here if my piece called Rachel's Dream is going to be a semi-finalist for Land of Odds "All Dolled Up-Earthen Mother" challenge. The deadline for letting people know is next week, but I get really antsy. Also, I've been sitting on this doll without showing it off since back in February when I first started it. I'm not going to hold my breath as I'm getting use to rejection, but still I do hate this period of unknown. Meanwhile, dolls have been put aside & I'm concentrating on making jewelry. YES! I do make jewelry too. I want to have some pieces to wear at the Bead Unique Tahoe Retreat the first weekend in October. AND YES! there are a few remaining places. I can't wait. I'm flying in early to spend time with my bestest buddy Cynthia & two friends who I met at the Whimbeads Vegas Retreat over 2 years ago, Kate & Colleen. Also, I'm finally going to get to met Grace and Arline & a few other gals who I've "chatted" with over the years. Did I say, I can't wait? So, I do need something to wear, and I'm organizing a couple swaps for the group in the evenings. We are going to do an earring swap on Friday night & a brooch swap on Saturday night. I've got a few things made up already for swapping & if I have time I want to do more. Most of the beads used in these were from the garage sale I went to earlier last month at 1 Stop. Oh, FYI, the WishWish brooch is really a button I found while shopping for pajama patterns at WalMart. Oh yes, I'm going to try to make a pair of jammie bottoms for the Retreat. Chris asked me if I was mad...yes, yes I am?? but there are so many lovely fleece fabrics out there with outrageous patterns that I decided to take a deep breath, get the machine out, and sew. We'll see how that works out. LOL!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love Chris's Bots! They are so original. I think he should see about getting them published in the Art Doll Quarterly magazine...I'm sure they would be thrilled to have his work!!