Friday, September 4, 2009

More about the purse

Wow, I never thought I'd get such great feedback when I was working on my purse. It was a real challenge to me, but I've learned so much. Thank you all for the great comments to me about it. I do plan on sending a picture of it to Bead & Button possibly for their gallery once I get back from the Bead Unique Retreat at Tahoe. I was surprised today when I got a e-newsletter from 1 Stop Bead Shop & they had a picture of my purse on their front page. I was pleasantly surprised. I guess this means only one thing...more purses! I have a big box of purses I've "rescued" from various thrift stores and antique shops thinking that someday I'll do more and now is my chance. I don't think I'll use the Lacy's Stiff Stuff like Sherry uses, but go back to my old tried & true-boiled wool felt or ultra suede. But I see at least one or two more this coming year. HEY! FLASH! Maybe I can do beaded purses for my BJP for 2010. Oooo that would be so cool, but don't know about the time commitment.

A picture for you. This is Bernard Bear. On Beaded Art Doll/Yahoo Group, I entered him in for the monthly doll challenge. The Challenge? Well, I took a funky Beanie Baby with those blank face and gave him some emotion or in Bernard's case some attitude. I've been practicing needle sculpting trying to figure out my own personal way or technique on how to give emotion to cloth and fiberfill. I really don't like to draw faces so much so I think if I can get more detail with a needle and thread with the emotion then the actually drawing of the eyes & coloring of the lips will just come naturally. LOL! And I just bought 50 more beanies as the thrift store for $5.00. I can't help it.

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abeadlady said...

That purse is certainly worthy of a magazine. Gorgeous! And Bernard is a cutie.