Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Less stress.....

Whewwwww....I'm so relieved that I have a reprieve from the article I'm writing for Doll Crafter. I got the advance preview & my article wasn't listed. Thank dog! I've got the pieces done, but just started writing the copy. AND...I just gave the graphics to Chris. Now, he's fast, and so am I, but I have to rewrite the article at least 4 times before I'm happy enough with it. Don't you think I'd learn to start earlier? Well, I should & maybe that should be another resolution for me. LOL! I make that every year & break it every single year.

Last night I got an e-mail from my friend Sharon H. saying that she made it to Tucson safely. The LUCKY DUCK! She gets to be in Tuscon for the Winter instead of gloomy gray Ohio. PLUS, she'll be there for the big Tucson Bead show. I'm going to be so green this Winter & when I see her in April/May she's going to think I've eaten something horrible...yes, jealousy. I grew up in LA until my parents dragged me back to Ohio in '67. How I miss the warmer weather, but really at the time it didn't seem warmer. I remember that if the temperatures got down to the low 50s we were freezing with big wool coats and gloves. The only difference was that I didn't have to wear those ugly wool knee socks. I think that was the most shocking thing about moving to Ohio...I had to cover my legs! My Mother let me & my sisters wear fish nets while in LA & little cute anklets. I rebelled the first cold day in Ohio & wore my fish nets to school. The next day...still AS COLD...I broke down & wore the ugly black socks, and went out that weekend & bought ugly black thigh high socks. I WAS COLD! The only time I ever saw snow was when I'd look up at the Mountains on a rare clear day & see a white topped peak. Sometimes my Dad would drive up to Mt. Baldy so we could play in the snow. But I never saw any snow fall until the year before the BIG BLIZZARD of '77 here in Columbus. I though my parents were lying about snow in Ohio. Now, I wish they were lying! I miss living in a temperate climate. Would be nice to not have to drive through stinking ice which is what is out on the ground right now.

Speaking of less stress & ice. I'm lucky here again too. I use to have to drive downtown every single night to make it to work. It was 17 miles, and with ice covered or snow, it was a white knuckled drive. Two years ago I transferred to the suburban hospital only 2.98 miles from my house. Best part, because it is in the suburbs all the roads are salted & plowed. I'm kicking my self that I dealt with the "deadly driving" for 23 years. Oh well.

But enough. I'm just feeling so much more relief. I still have to get everything done soon, but I can at least not feel rushed. Yea!


Carol said...

So glad you are relieved and relaxed! Its so funny about your experience in CA. My friend is near Pasadena and tells me she is cold. I say, whats the temp. She says its 68 in here. I say, our wind chill is -14. Boo Hoo for you! (I am in Northern Indiana)

I want to retire to the southwest. Come one lottery numbers!!

Lora said...

We are supposed to get snow/ice tonight. Not looking forward to the .5 mile commute to the kids school in the AM.

btw I tagged you on my blog. :)

Deb said...

Hi Dot -
I came to your blog by way of the BJP, and really felt for you regarding the jealous people who tried to pop your balloon of happiness. :-( Just want to say it's still lovely in soCal: today I went out wearing my jeans, a cute sweatshirt (w/o a turtleneck underneath!) and flip flops. Do you have anyone you can come visit?? :-)
Deb in La Jolla

The bad Liz said...

So you know Sharon H also? Does she know everyone!

Chilly 6 degrees this morning, but bright blue skies and a chance of rain this weekend!!