Friday, January 2, 2009

Chris' robot guy

I just woke up. Okay, I work the midnight shift & my going to bed time is 7am. So there! But, when I got up, Chris showed me that he finished his Robot. I LOVE IT! He is going to have to name this creation something. I think both of us have problems naming stuff, probably why our dogs have names from books we like. But he is made from old radio tubes, and metallic pieces from a clock he took apart. The main body is polyclay with the wire armature exposed for the legs & arms. One hand has a wrench and the other has a flower. Not sure about the soul search image he got from that duo, but I'll have to let him start his own blog (wont happen) to explain that. Now, I'm all excited to get back to mixed media myself. Hope you enjoy Chris work.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

This robot is great. Maybe this robot is looking for Ms Wrench, I mean Ms Right since he is going around with a flower in his hand.

Mr. Natural said...

My wife Ellen from DOLLIE BEAD sent this over to me (we have seperate compters), and I think it is WAY COOL! I do my own sort of steampunky assemblage art too. Most can be found by snooping around at

Peace & happy new year to you and Chris the ROBOT GUY builder!


Doris said...

What a cool creation! That is definitely the most imaginable and enjoyable use of radio parts I have ever seen!

AJ said...

I do believe that you have the second coolest husband named Chris in the world (mine being the very coolest). Please tell him that I think his robot is at once awesome and adorable.

Michelle said...

I will have to show my son the wonderful robot. He just got a bunch of the clay to try out.