Friday, February 15, 2008

Pink Artist

I sent out my 2 squares to Monica yesterday. They were made for the Pink Artist doll that she is working on. Click on the Pink Artist icon to find out more about this wonderful project & the great artist behind it all. I've known Monica for awhile. I believe it was @ 3 years ago that she was my Fairy Bead Sister from Bead Art. I tried to spoil her so bad with small gifts. She was fun to surprise. I even joined ArtDollz on Yahoo Groups to taunt her. I liked ArtDollz, so much that I stayed there. I lurk, but I enjoy looking at all the wonderful dolls on the site.

I'm still working on the Photo Album cuff designs. There are still a few small snags, but they are coming along. I've been hired to teach them at a retreat in October & I'm going to start trying to market the class to other groups later on. They are really fun to make. Whenever I wear the one of my three Scotties, people do notice them.

I started a new doll for a class proposal for AFIC. She is Mae Flowers. So I'm busy when not doing everything else I'm suppose to be doing in practicing herringbone flowers. I'm really crazy.


GraceBeading said...

Love your squares Dot and that seahorse is pretty cool too!

girlgonethreadwild said...

Dot, these squares had my head spinning! These are beautiful and so YOU!!! I luv it! Thank you for the tiny seahorse too, I'll be sure to add it to either our doll or our wall hanging when ready- its gorgeous!

and a surprise just for meeee!!! The bracelet had me screaming with excitement... it's awsum and I have been wearing it proudly! haha

Your pkg arrived safe & sound yesterday evening. Today I updated our parade of squares and your beauties are dancing through our post. BRAVO! for making these and FOUR lovelies to boot- you rock!

You already know I think the world of you, I just love your kindred spirit!!! xo, Monica

Noel said...

Dot, your squares are beautiful and I love the seahorse....can you tell me where you got the pattern?
I've been making beaded fish, 12 this week for my little Fish tree for Christmas and a few of those Seahorses would be great on it too.

Mieke said...