Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Earrings on my mind

I have tons of projects to complete, but what am I doing? I'm making earrings. Up to these last couple of days, I'd say I've only made 5 pair of earrings total in 8 years. Today I've made 4 pair already, and my brain is reeling thinking of other twist & turns with the needle to make some different designs. BUT...I've got deadlines to met & dogs to bath, dolls to make, articles to write. Yet here I am, wanting to make earrings. So here's a couple of the earrings I've done. One is called Tree of Life. I got these glass buttons when in Detroit at the NIADA conference. I knew I'd figure out something to do with them. The other I called Green Pearl Wave. Oh, yes, I confess that I've been making bracelets too.

The earrings are part of the Ohio Beader's Showcase for February. Check out some of the wonderful artist we have in Ohio.

Now to make myself get back on track & finish up a couple doll projects I have & to start the beaded mask which I'll talk about later

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