Friday, May 25, 2007

First off 5/25/07

Just got off work & decided to work on my blog page for awhile before I scoot over to Judy Skeel's house for a doll maker's tea party. I'll be tired since I worked all night long, but I still gotta spend some time with my Guilded Lily pals. Judy taught me alot about doll making. I actually called her one evening & questioned her about what a "dart" was. Okay, so I flunked home economics back in the dark ages when in high school. I really didn't know what a dart was & when she did I. I'm working on a pattern of my own right now. It is for the NIADA challenge (over the moon). I'm making a moon man eating the Moon which you know is made of cheese. Naturally he WILL BE BEADED! I'm sharing this picture of my last beaded doll. He was for the AFIC (Artistic Figures in Cloth challenge called "Object in my Obsession". Since I have Asthma & breathing is definitely my obsession, I did Gustave Breathe. He is a troll pattern called Mopsey by Ute Vasnia. I loved working on him & learned alot about needle sculpturing. He's not totally beaded, but I still love him. Unfortunately since the doll pattern is not my original design, I can't enter him in any juried bead shows. So poor Gus will stay here with me & make his "professional" coming out at the Ohio State Fair. Enough...I must drink my coffee, wake up, change clothes, get my stuff together & get over to join the girls in a fun morning


Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

So you're bloggin too! I started one, easier for me than that website I've always said I'd create! HA! can't wait to see more dolls and of course your pages as we go along! and of course more pics of the pupsters too!! Bead Happy!

Katarina said...

My goodness, this one is so amazing! I think it should win anything you enter with him, lol.

I'm a crafter too, but in a different area. Please visit my blog to see what I'm up to: