Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet & Simple Jewelry: Review

Aimee Ray's Sweet & Simple Jewelry: 17 Designers, 10 Techniques & 32 Projects to Make

When first opening a new book from Lark Craft, the very first thing that grabs my attention is any project using beads, fabric, or fiber.   I just can't help it.  It is my nature, and what I work with in my own work.  I appreciate wire and metals, but for me those big three always win out when I'm creating or searching books or the the web looking for new ideas.  I really enjoyed Aimee Ray's brand new book out from Lark Jewelry and Beading.  This book is absolutely bursting with darling projects from multiple artist.  

One project in particular really kept me thumbing back over again and again to look at the thoughtful and delightful project.  Dandelion Wish necklace by Alicia Henson and Jessica Berner just made me very happy looking at it.  I had purchased several of these glass vials from Gahanna Bead Shop filled with wishbones.  I want to use the wishbones in another project, but then what would I do with the bottles?  Then Dandelion Wish was there answering my questions.  The dandelion seeds sealed inside the corked bottle with the charm "wish" let the imagination of travel the winds where these fragile seeds float away on the breath of a wish.  It wasn't until I read the biography of the two designers of this project that I found out they are sisters.  They both came together to create Dandelion Wish in honor of their sister who had passed away.  The dandelion to each of them is a positive reminder of the world we wake to each day.  

Each of the we projects are described in simple enough language so that this would make a great gift to give to a younger person stepping onto the pathway of creative crafty life.  Some projects to indeed needs adult supervision, but wouldn't that be a great way to spend a rainy day with a young protegee.  But there are also enough projects to entice and inspire those wanting to find a project that could be completed in an hour or a day.  From working with floss, wire, felt, fabric, beads, resin or epoxy clay, so many fun filled hours could be spent making projects from Simple and Sweet.

Especially nicely offered is the two page exploration (pg 24-25) on how to make your very own unique cabochons and cameos by making your own personal mold using silicone molding putting.  Aimee's project Felted Terrarium Necklace is project where you can create your own personal world using needle felting techniques.  You can carry your own piece of heaven along with you every place your travel.

Natalka Pavlysh shares her project Braille Peach Pendent using scraps of linen and embroidery stitches to make a simple but stunning necklace. 

And Donni Webber shows how and adorable pendent can be made using acorn caps and wool to make the Felted Acorn Necklace.

 The best part is still to come as there are 28 more projects in Aimee May's Sweet and Simple Jewelry.  Promise yourself to add this title to you I have to have in my library.  Keep it close at hand when you having a few free moments but want to fill them with fun and adorable pieces of art to share and keep.

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