Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another New Year

Wow, I can't believe the month is already half over.  Happy New Year to my followers.  May 2012 be a better year for all of us. 

 I've been busy the past two weeks mainly trying to stay on track with things.  I've been creating new dolls but need to tweak them a little bit more before I can show you what I've been doing.  I also finished up the necklace which originally was going to be a purse, but the neck strap isn't to my liking yet so that too needs to be worked on before I can show you.

The biggest thing I have to say is that as of yesterday the results for the Land of Odds Illustrative Bead Tapestry was announced, and my entry (Black Notice) won first place.  I didn't even know it as I was working second shift yesterday.  I got a text message congratulating me...I didn't know what for. Then it hit me that I might have won the LOD challenge/contest.  I gave a quick call to my friend in Washington who confirmed that I did win.  I quickly went online and saw "winner" beside my name.  I was shocked, happy, and so proud.  I want to take this moment to thank everyone who took time from their busy schedules to evaluate and vote for me.  I'm still too excited.   Now I have to figure out what I want as I won a $1000.00 shopping spree from Land of Odds.

Winner of Land of Odds Illustrative Tapestry 2012

Another thing that happened these past two weeks is that I finally decided to enter the 21st Century by buying a Smart Phone and getting my own Verizon account.  What did I get?  Since we are all MacIntosh/Apple in this house, I got the iPhone 4S.  I have to say there is a big learning curve especially since this gal didn't even know how to text, but using Macs most of it is pretty self evident to figure out.  I'm loving it as I can now listen to music at work using the Pandora Radio, and on my break I can check out Facebook.  I can TEXT!  And I figured out how to download books so I have something to read all the time.  Now to learn how to use the camera and video functions.  Did I also say that it has GPS and SIRI?  And I did manage the voice to text very nicely.  I'm sure there is still so much for me to learn.

My new iPhone is white
One other thing I want to mention and will post on Facebook more is that I'm going to be teaching a bead embellished fabric cuff on February 4th at 1 Stop Bead Shop.  If you are in the area and would love to learn the basics of bead embroidery while making a unique and personal fabric cuff then join me on Saturday Feb the 4th.  This will be my first time teaching an official class at the bead store.  It has been a long time since I've been the teacher and and so looking forward to it.

The dogs are all doing fine.  Arwen is adjusting to her new medication for the bladder cancer.  Fiona still has insomnia and wakes us all up around 6 am every single morning to eat.  Frodo is just a lazy slug dog. 



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am SO happy that you won!! I DID vote for you, you know ~lol~ honestly chosen vote too.

I am resisting a Smart Phone. Just another distraction for me.

Can't wait to see your newest doll creations.
xx, Carol

Amanda said...

Fabulous news about the win! I was a voter too so really pleased.

Think of the iPhone as a hand size computer that can make calls. They're great!