Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting a few things done.

Yeah! Post office chore was accomplished & everything is out the door including my entry for the Illustrative Beader for Land of Odds. Sorry, but can't show any of that until I find out if my piece gets into the challenge. Also send out my beads to Gaea. We decided to take a tiny ride out of town & found a place with CORN! Fresh picked Ohio corn! I can't wait until dinner tonight.

This week, I was able to finish up some of the kits that I bought at B&B. One was Melanie Potter's Petalicious. It took me forever to get it done. One thing I'd like to say about Melanie's kits is that they have plenty of beads, and the instructions are just awesome. I had no problem following the thread paths or how things fit just took forever to complete. Here is also a picture of Marcia DeCoster's Rising Sun from the class I took at B&B. I have it mostly done. I have to sew a couple more snaps onto it, and though Marcia has a step to connect the bumps together, I think I like it better without the connections, but maybe I'll change my mind once I once try to wear it.

I've also been playing with sculpting heads out of paper clay. The two classes I've had, we actually have used foil as the base of the head, but I was going through the basement trying to find something & I came across some styrofoam eggs that were suppose to be ornaments. I looked at them & thought what great heads they would be. So out came the tools, the paper clay, and paints. Now, I know it is going to take me a very long time before I can do sculpting that actually looks like a real or pretty head, but I just had a ball making these troll heads. I'd get the noses right & the next day I would work on the ears. It was fun. Then....paint! I tried to remember what I've learned about painting and thought to myself to just paint and see what happens. So here are two troll heads I've made. One keeps telling me he is H'dor and the other is S'leas. I'm working on the bodies right now. Now that is even more investigation. I had many members of Doll Street Dreamers giving me suggestions about how to proportion a pattern for the cloth body, and let me tell you that it is not easy! I have pencils, rulers, and you name it out along with fabric and Hal (my sewing machine). It is going to be a struggle, but I'm beginning to see how this pieces to that, and that goes with this, and all go on that...on and on...and on...

Also, while taking pictures, Chris grabbed this picture of me & Fiona outside after she got "lost". Since being diagnosed with Diabetes last Summer, I've seen her slowly slide into a canine dementia. I know her age & being blind has something to do with it, but I truly think she is getting a little senile too. She gets turned around and stuck by the door or gate & doesn't realize that she only needs to turn around. The relief of her face when we call to her to for guidance or actually go & pick her up & swing her into our loving arms is just something only another person with an old ill dog can understand. So here I am with my sweet old girl.

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angelself said...

Wow Dot! You are keeping busy =) The bracelets are gorgeous. Your troll heads came out great. I can't believe these are your first attempts! They'll make awesome dolls. Fiona is adorable =) Kathryn