Wednesday, July 20, 2011


IT is so hot...the crowd says "how hot is it Dot?". Well it is so hot in Ohio that the corn is popping out in the fields. Bring your own bowl and pat of butter. Yes, it is HOT. We are having a heat wave. Temperatures are above 90 during the day & only get down to 75 at night. Every afternoon the pop up storms go racing through here making the ground saturated so the humidity is high. This afternoon the heat index is well above 100. So yes, it is hot.

My poor A/C is working overtime. Our neighborhood Cardinals had a late start on raising their family in the bush surrounding the A/C. Those babies scream all the time. I feel so sorry for them, but I can't leave it off just because of them. So I have a feeling we'll have deaf birds next year. I keep cringing every time the unit turns on as it is ancient & wonder will this be the last gasp? But since I have Asthma I need it cool and therefore, I live inside. Now it would be cooler in the house if we didn't have an air condition hog. Fiona has decided to park herself on top the the register. I pick her up & her belly is chilly. Move her, turn your head, and there is is BACK! So nothing to do but turn the registers on in the other part of the house & let the old dog lay! Do you have an old dog that enjoys register sleeping???


Carol said...

Your friend certainly has the right idea. Came home yesterday to broken A/C. Not a unit to be found in town. Poor me! Still doesn't make me WANT to go to work though.
Keep cool. The birds will be fine.

Pam R said...

Yes! And finding the ceramic tile cooler than a carpet or cushy sofa.