Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A visitor to Ohio

Guess who finally made it to Ohio...Cutie Potato! She has been traveling all over the world and has made it here to Columbus just in time to go to MM&M with me. If you'd like to see the other places she's visited, please check out her blog here. Here is her picture with her new BFF Daisy. At first Cutie Potato was a little intimidated by the sparkle farkle around here, but she's doing much better.

I'm still working on my piece for the Artbeads.com challenge. You know as long as I've done bead embroidery, I've never made one of those big collars. So, that is my challenge. I like it so far. Sorry about this awful picture. I'm going to have to get Chris to take it as my hands shake too much to get a nice clear shot, but then I'm not done yet! It needs more embellishment. I did find the perfect backing for it. Don't laugh, but I bought this jumper at the thrift store which was 100 ultra seude in a nice rust color. It is about two-three yards of pristine fabric for only...wait for it...$7.40. I got it on Wednesday discount day. I think the rust will match well.

I'm going to MM&M in Shelbyville Ohio this weekend. Then a busy first of November. Fiona is going to see Dr. Miller & have her glucose checked. She's doing so much better & her fur is coming in red! She hasn't been red since she was 3 years old. I think it is the high protein diet she's on. Well, gotta run. I still have to pack, work tonight, and them pick up my riders for the big trip tomorrow.


Beadwright said...

You sound really happy!!! I love love love love love your piece!!! In my book you are the winner.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your Blog.Wow!! great Bead work!
That Cutie Potato gets around!!!

ParisMaddy said...

The color is spectacular. What a treasured piece.

Rivkah said...

this is magnificent work, dot. Amazing!