Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mz. Fiona

Fiona has been getting sluggish lately. I know it is because she is so hot. I do need to get her downstairs and give her a haircut. I use to spend hours giving her a "Scottie-do", but she doesn't seem to care what she looks like. She is happier, when I shave her down all the way, get rid of the skirt, and even the beard. The first time I cut her beard off, Chris was upset because she looked so weird, but let's face it...Fiona is a slob of a dog. She never cleans anything & seems to be the only Scottie I've ever own that have food in her beard friend Cynthia said she just does that to have some "late night snackers". Okay, that might be true, but they stink! So I often just clip off her beard which on a Scottie does look strange. I figured out how to shave most of the offending hair off leaving her something so that people who look at her don't scratch their heads wondering what kind of dog she is. So, probably Monday & Tuesday she & I have an appointment with the groomer...aka, me!

Fiona is 10 years old plus. She is getting slower, and sleeps many hours. Her favorite place to sleep is under the kitchen table with her head hanging over the support of the table. She'll sleep there for hours having her "puppy-mares" of chasing something. Sometimes she has dream barks and you can hear her moaning & yipping while her legs are jerking away in dream chase. She has decided that she does not like to accompany Arwen and Frodo racing across the yard barking at anything out in the field. She prefers to sit on the patio and do a few "woofs" just to show she's helping out. BUT..if anything gets in the yard or darts across the top of the fence, she is like greased lightening rushing out to investigate. Right now, she's all excited because something must have died on the other side of the fence (probably a baby bird or mole). She's is walking circles in the yard with her nose up in the air catching the delicious scent...she probably wants to roll in the "stink" and smell nice & doggy. I sometimes forget how much I love this old dog. She is the first to see me in the morning when I get home from work. She sits on the stairs with her head sticking out until I've given her what she considers the right amount of "stair love". Then we go upstairs, get Frodo and Arwen out of their crates & go out back for the morning & then breakfast. And god forbid if I'm late on breakfast. She lets me know if I'm too slow in the preparation. I do love this old girl.

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Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

Awww what an adorable girlie Mz Fiona is! she looks like a puppy not a mature girl of 10! maybe it's that she's just a silly happy blond...give her a lovin for me and a good pat know how she loves it