Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bead Journal Project-December

December is ticking away. I'm feeling better, and am wanting to actually get back in the saddle and share some of my pieces with the world. I'm beginning to think that who cares if I brag. That is my right, and if some people aren't comfortable with listening to me, that should not stop me from sharing my Art with the world.

This piece is actually one of my found treasures. I was trying to find the gourds for Harvest' base when I came across these stuffed creatures that I had bought at Ikea earlier this year. They were only 50 cents apiece, and being a hoarder, I just couldn't help myself. So I brought out a stuffed elephant and a hippo. The hippo caught my eye. At the time, BAD was doing a "song" challenge, and I was thinking what a wonderful thing to do one of my favorite silly Christmas songs that had been playing on 93.3 since the middle of November. Guess which one it is?? Yes, "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...only a hippopotamus will do....." And YES! I sang this song the whole week as I was beading this cute little stuffed creature. It is only 4 inches high and 6 inches long. I had a group of girls from work come over right after I finished it & one of them wanted to buy it. Sorry, not for sale. I didn't post him for the BAD challenge as I was feeling a little blue at the time, but I believe that was because it was suppose to become my December entry for the Bead Journal Project for 2008.


J said...

Dot that has to be the cutest thing ever! You really should show your accomplishments. You've always been an inspiration to me on the BAD group and always so helpful with questions. I've missed you!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

He is so cute! Glad you posted him. Just brag it up. We who love you do not care.

GraceBeading said...

HA... what a cutie! Nice work, I clicked the photo to enlarge and could not help but laugh. He is adorable!

Joan Cromley said...

She is so cute! She definitely reminds me of that song!

Michelle said...

Love the pink hippo she is so happy looking she made me smile.

Marty S said...

Thanks for sharing all the amazing dolls you have made this fall. They are lots of fun to see. And I enjoyed your website, too. I'd like to learn to bead on already stuffed dolls.

And if you can't share what you're proud of on your own blog, where can you? Go for it!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Gypsy said...

That is one cute hippo, Dot, and singing while beading it was the cream on the cake!

Lynn said...

Oh for heaven sake! How cute is this???? I think you need to get all of these beyond-adorable dolls together for a group photo shoot. I LOVE your work!!! I wish I could hold them and study them! Harvest is absolutely beautiful too, I love her hair and her contemplative gaze.

Robin said...

Never knew I wanted a hippo for Christmas... but NOW I do!!!! Wow! He's adorable! I love him as a BJP!

Welcome back, Dot! Brag all you want... we're with you!

Robin A.

PS Is it a he or she???

Camilla La Mer-Soul Art Dolls said...

He is a Tremendous hippopotamus! I wish that I could hear the tune to that song...It is wonderful to see your November and December projects! Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year Dot!!! Camilla

pam T said...

absolutely adorable!
Your beading is gorgeous and you have every right to be proud and to brag! You definitely don't have to second-guess your artistic abilities! Go for it!

Anonymous said...


I love the song and your hippo is a perfect representation! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Blessing to you.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp