Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pet Halloween picture

It is time for the annual Columbus Dispatch pet Halloween costume contest. Yesterday, we decided it is time to get the costumes out, find the dog treats, and get the cameras going. My first pictures to share is of Frodo as Darth Vader. He was so funny when I put the costume on him. He saw me coming up to him as he was standing at the fence barking at the kids playing soccer, and knew something bad was going to happen. WRONG! It was fun. Well, to me it was fun... At least Frodo did let me put the costume on. He even didn't freak when I put the helmet on his head. His legs are too short to actually fit in the sleeves, but not too bad. We put him on the swing in the back yard and when we reviewed the shots it actually looked like he was sitting in front of one of those green screens for CG effects. I'm going to send this into Joe Blundo with the caption, "Come to the Dark Side". We are going to try to do some photoshop magic and see if we can get a more Star War background, but I think with his dark color you really couldn't see his adorable head. But anyway...enjoy Frodo Baggins as Darth Vader. LOL!


Diana said...

You need to come back to Angelscots and post Darth Frodo! What a cutie he is, Dot. I'm glad I found your blog...what incredible work you're doing. I'm going to have to quit wearing my bracelets and put them aside as original Dot Lewallens!

jenifer said...
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Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

Too cute :-)
Love our little fur babies.