Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For Andrew

I don't know Andrew Thornton very well, but I've been reading his blog for the past two months getting to know him and appreciate the beautiful soul he has & the art that comes from that soul. Andrew is facing lots of medical bills and the community of artist out here on the internet are helping by auctioning off piece of art to help Andrew. I have found over the years that no one has a bigger heart than an artist and the out pour of generous help for a fellow traveler is amazing. I want to add my voice.

I am offering any proceeds from the sell of one of my beaded beanie babies that was featured in the article I wrote for Doll Crafter and Costuming called Trash to Treasure. I found a bag of those mini beanie babies that were given out in fast food children's meals at the thrift store. Inside that bag were tiny little faces looking at me some of them still in their original plastic packaging. They were bound for the trash can, so I bought them all and decided to take my skills at bead embroidery and turn them into something that could be treasured. I would like to offer to the highest bidder my little beaded cat I named Snowball. She is covered with beads and has three crystals on her forehead as I just couldn't cover up that adorable face. I'm going to take bids through my e-mail until October 26. Please e-mail me at with bids. I'll let the winner know on the 27th before I leave for Kentucky. All money made from this auction will go to Andrew. So please dig deep & help another artist.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

this is so adorable. I like you so much just from one look at your blog!!! jean :) xox

you are GREAT!

Cindy said...

My goodness, I've never ever seen work like this. You've taken sweeet little beanie babies to a hole new level! How generous of you too.